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Gold coin Ducat 4-fach

Gold coin Ducat 4-fach
Gold coin Ducat 4-fach

Country of origin: Austria
Purity: 986/1000 Au (23,75 karátů)
Diameter: 39,50 mm
Weight: 13,96 g

Availability: Not available

Price without VAT 21 964 CZK 897,5 EUR
Price with VAT 21 964 CZK 897,5 EUR
Buyback price 17 416 CZK 711,66 EUR

Gold coin Ducat 4-fach

The ducat was first minted in Venice in 1284 and from there spread throughout the continent. The name comes from the inscription on the back of the ducat: Sit tibi Christe datus quem tu regis iste Ducatus. In 1857, the Austrian ducats were classified as common coins. From 1858 to 1915, the gold ducat was minted only for trade between states. The ducat has been used as an investment coin since 1915.

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